Romanian ‘Hercules’ Brothers Workout for Two Hours Everyday

Check out the triceps on these tykes.

Giuliano Stroe and his brother Claudiu are your typical gym rats, and pump iron for up to two hours a day. But unlike other hardbodies lifting weights and performing feats of strength, they can’t even drive. They’re not even in middle school.

The Romanian-born brothers, aged 9 and 7, respectively, have earned the moniker of “Hercules Brothers” for their incredible brawn and brute force – both work out with 8-pound dumbbells and other heavy weights.

Giuliano has already broken two world records for 90-degree vertical push-ups and for holding his tiny body up horizontally on a pole, turning himself into a human flag.

Their father, 35-year-old Iulian Stroe, himself a hardbody, has been working tirelessly to make his two tots famous. According to the Sunday World, Iulian subjected his sons to grueling workouts when Giuliano and Claudiu were toddlers.

The family has been heavily criticized on their YouTube page for forcing the rigorous workouts on young boys, and say on many of their videos that negative commenters should keep their thoughts to themselves.

The family – including the boys’ mother, Ileana – lived in Florence, Italy for a short time, but they were unable to support themselves.

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